Arts of Intuition

Using intuition to create change, for the rest of your life

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Jesse with his life-long partner, Missy

Hi, I’m Jesse. I started Arts of Intuition in order to provide a place of healing, guidance, and direction to a community of wonderful people who are seeking a bit of additional clarity in their lives.

Have you ever had moments in life where you felt like you really “got this” and feel like you are on the verge of being in-line with your true purpose only to have it leave  entirely the next minute, hour, or even the next day? I know I have! I have listened to many motivational programs, speakers, and countless books and have really felt a change. Just not a lasting one. Before I knew it, I was right back to a state of fear of the future and dwelling in the past. Then, everything changed.

What if you could draw on an unlimited source to not only feel, but be sure of yourself; really Love yourself no matter what life experience you get the opportunity to be in? Sound too far out of reach? I thought so too for such a long time… but it really isn’t! It may be difficult at first to realize, but you are not broken! You are perfect! Seeing that truth is the hard part, and this is where I can help you. I can help you find that self-love again, that confidence to tackle each day, and even be excited for each day. And not only for a limited time, the change we seek here is a lasting one.

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