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Your moon sign is all about emotions. Feel all the feels when you discover the lunar map of your heart. Explore how you love, what drives your passion and how to navigate your sensitivities.

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Your Lunar Sign sheds light upon your inner emotional landscape. In this reading, your astrologer will introduce you to your unique sign and then dive deep to help you understand yourself from within. Have you ever wondered why you feel the way you feel? Explore how you love, what drives your passion and how to embrace your vulnerable side. It’s time to get cozy and discover the lunar map of your heart.


Disclaimer: Your purchase is considered final due to the unique and personal nature of your reading. Refunds for this product will not be issued. The accuracy of the reading directly depends upon the information you provide and is produced in good faith. Interpretations are intuitively gathered and composed by your Astrologer. These readings cannot be used for any purpose other than the personal use of the individual. This reading is not meant as a substitute for legal, medical or other professional advice. It is meant to be used as a coaching tool. Therefore, the Practitioner and Arts of Intuition are not liable for any perceived loss or damage allegedly caused by any actions taken as a result, direct or indirect, of any service, reading, product or response.


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